Author: Möntmann, U. (Ulrike )

Title (deu): THIS BABY DOLL WILL BE A JUNKIE Report of an Art and Research Project on Addiction and Spaces of Violence

Description (eng): As a portrait of a marginalised social group this book
challenges readers to engage with the phenomenon of
outcasts. It presents a wealth of material generated by
art and research projects conducted with female drug
addicts in European prisons and treatment facilities,
and organises and contextualises the findings. This
approach reveals the terms and conditions that are
reinforced and perpetuated by social processes, and
by foregrounding these in this book seeks to raise
awareness that this is clearly an issue and matter of
concern to the general public. In texts and images
the book documents the biographic and artistic work
with detainees, the correspondence involved, the art
interventions in isolated, public, and cultural spaces,
as well as the transcripts, reflections on, and the
results of exchanges with a wide range of specialists
and experts from related disciplines.

Object languages: English

Classification: Artistic work and biographical research with female drug users in prisons / Interdisciplinary exchange of findings of artistic research / Edition Angewandte - Book Series of the University of Applied Arts Vienna