Author: Cimcim, A. (Aral)

Title (eng): Ground Truth: On the Contingency of Machine Vision as Substitute for Visual Cognition Inside 3-D Intermediate Spaces

Description (eng): Der ganze Text ist noch nicht ins Deutsche übersetzt / April 2020

Description (eng): This work in its compendium attempts to substantiate a virtual-spatial environment, which relies on the human visual system and its cognitive components, in particular, the presumably indigent human sensory cognition and the mechanisms of the human eye as an optical interface through the biological augmentation of the sensory elucidation of spatial data. The primary concern of this project has been prefabricated into subsections, including this first installment, contingent on the functions of the apprehension of visual information and the faulty thresholds of the human eye as an optical system which relies on the psycho-visually redundant properties of quantizers, such as the subspace approach in spectral color science, through the digitization of transmitted sensory data. This integral process of spatial cognition and it being devoured constantly into segments by the peripheral nervous system has certain similarities, when one has the impetus to correlate this structure with reference to our occipital lobes, where visual stimuli would have been enumerated later to be unraveled by the retinofugal projection along the optic tract.

Description (eng):

Object languages: English

Contributor: Wölzl, R. (Rainer)

Classification: color space, depth sensing, human-computer interaction, human vision system, monoscopic utensils, point clouds, terrain generation, cognitive parameters, spatial mapping, stereoscopic projection, virtual reality, visual perception