How to Create a Collection?

In the menu, go to My Objects. All your previously uploaded objects are displayed.
Select an object and click on Bookmark. To create a new bookmark list, select Add to new bookmark list.
The title of the bookmark list must be as follows:
Diploma: Title of the work
Next, click on continue.
Add all other objects to this bookmark list.
Select My Bookmark Lists from the menu. Check that all objects are present. Confirm by clicking on Create new Collection.
Complete data fields in the Metadata Editor.
In the field Description, please enter a short description, max. 1000 characters, of your artistic work for the media database. Next, click through all tabs to the tab Digital Book.
Confirm with Done – save metadata in object. Congratulations, you successfully uploaded your diploma thesis!
tutorial Please note that objects uploaded to Phaidra are archived long-term. However, you may subsequently make certain amendments to the metadata and object.

For alterations of metadata, select the Metadata Editor in the menu at the bottom right hand corner.

In order to change the PDF/A of your diploma thesis, you may create a new version of this object in Phaidra. From the menu in the bottom right hand corner, select Create New Version(s). You will be asked to select a new object and upload it. You don’t have to change the metadata. Afterwards, only the version uploaded last will be displayed.

The Library will be happy to assist you and offer detailed information, please contact:
01/ 711 33 2263
01/ 711 33 2277