Frequently Asked Questions


If you do not know your access info, please ask this to the Admissions Office. This information can not be given over the phone.

Metadaten editor

Title of the supervisor:
The title of the supervisor must be specified. Search the appropriate title in the list.

Title of Graduates:
Please do NOT add the title you purchase with this thesis. Only existing title may be cited.

When you upload the written part of an artistic thesis, please type in only ONE supervisor (Professor).

The description (Abstract) is a short, about 250 words in length, content summary of the work. Please enter a German and an English version. Please never enter twice the same version.

How can you create a Collection - Upload various object types (text, photo, video, etc):

If you want to upload more files additionally to your PDF/A (Thesis) document, such as photos or videos, you must create a collection.
The procedure is as follows:
  • - After you have uploaded your objects (text, photo, video etc). Click on "My Bookmark Lists" on the left side of the page.
  • - Under "My Bookmark Lists" you will find all your objects.
  • - On your objects select the Bookmark link, and click "Add to new bookmark list".

Collection Howto

  • - Then you come to the website to create a bookmark list (= future collection name).

Collection Howto

  • - Then your object will be saved to your bookmark list.
  • - You can store more objects on your bookmark list.

Collection Howto

  • - Select "My Bookmark Lists".

Collection Howto

  • - There is also the ability to remove objects from the list again.
  • - Are all relevant objects listed in the list, press "Create Collection" to create your collection.
  • - Fill in the metadata for your collection.
  • - At the end you get "Done - save metadata in object" to complete and save as a collection.

Collection Howto

  • - Congratulations! You have created your first collection.

Collection Howto